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Our solutions


We offer bathymetry services using an exclusive aquatic drone that we have fully developed and which meets specific needs :

  • Bathymetric measurements

  • Site supervision

  • Port surveillance and engineering structures

  • Visual and topographic riverbank mapping

Our achievements


Since 2017, our boat has been used for numerous missions throughout France and abroad.


Find our outstanding achievements here and see what Bathydrone® can do.

A real experience !


The BathyDrone®

We have entirely designed our Bathydrone® boat to gain agility, performance and autonomy to better meet your needs.


Since 2018, the Bathydrone®  is exclusively available in France at ESCADRONE.

Contact us for more information.



Who we are ?

Bathymétrie Drone was born from the competence of two companies Latitude-drone & Ixalp-drones already established in the field of terrestrial topography. They wanted to renew the bathymetric acquisition methods by injecting innovation.

Bathymétrie Drone offers services for mapping the seabed using an autonomous boat specifically designed for this task: the Bathydrone® .

We appreciate the uniqueness of your needs and we know how to adapt to each of your specific projet.


We also step in for services concerning :


lagoon pools

aquatic structure geometry topics (quays, riprap ...)

Very demanding with ourselves, your satisfaction is our mission, while ensuring everyone's safety in a sustainable manner.


Our commitments :

  • provide you with suitable equipment

  • offer you affordable rates

  • be rigorous in our work

  • provide all the answers necessary for understanding the data acquired

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