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Downstream basin of the Lurberria dam

Our boat was in the Basque Country to raise the bottom of a basin at the foot of a clipping dam.

With strong current and imprecise GNSS coverage, we had to adapt our methods!
Unclamping the power of the boat's two engines and monitoring the positioning by total station: the GNSS antenna had to be replaced by a prism.
The Leica station performed automatic monitoring throughout the mission. Of course, all the data was visible in real time on the acquisition software.
Our system is compatible with the main total stations on the market (Leica, Trimble, ...).

Our client appreciated having a quality bathymetry when the very cramped area had a strong current . He also had access to a positioning solution without a GNSS signal.


Our solutions : Monitoring of siltation

Duration of the mission : 1 day

Pays Basque

Biak Topo

February 2019

Bathydrone® V3
Single beam sounder
and 3D prism
Robotic total station

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